Progressive Shocks Mod -- by Dean U

With this modification I attempt to cure some of the ills of the Nighthawk's rear suspension, including jarring rebound and bottoming. After some research, I chose Progressive's 418 series (part number 418-1025). They're beautiful 13" aluminum bodied shocks with chrome progressively wound springs. They also have a rebound damping adjustment near the top with 5 settings for your tweaking pleasure. Unfortunately, after installation, the damping knob is behind the side cowling making it difficult to reach unless you remove the shock bolt and pull the cowling out slightly.

Installation is pretty straightforward and simple and detailed below.

Right rear shock before changeover:
Top mount bolt and cowling removed:
Old shock removed:
Install the bushing/spacer in the lower mount:
Bushing/spacer already installed:
To install the shock, start wiggling the top rubber onto the bushing on the bike. Once it's in place, swing the lower shock eyelet into the mount on the swingarm. Replace the lower bolt and tighten:
Replace the cowling, upper shock bolt, and seat. Now you're ready for that test ride to dial in the settings you desire:

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