Hyperlites Mod -- by Dean U

We all know how tense you can get worrying if that tailgaiter is gonna see your brake light and be able to react in time when you slow down. Studies show that a pulsating brake light raises your chances of being seen from behind, so I added a set of Hyper-Lite flashing LED's to the back of my Nighthawk. They are relatively inexpensive and simple to install. Before you begin, try to determine where you're going to mount them and how you're going to route the wires. Below is my rendition of the procedure...

I started with a flat piece of sheet metal and bent it to this angle to provide a shelf for the lights to sit on. I then drilled some holes in it and sandwiched this bracket between the fender and the license plate bracket:
Feed the wires through a hole in the rear fender:
Bring the wires up between the frame rail and the cowling. Strap them to the turn signal wires to keep them out of trouble:
Drop the flasher into the "glovebox" and route the power wires up to the connector:
Splice the grey wire into the bike's green/yellow wire and the black wire into the bike's green wire. I used these handy splices that are available at any auto parts store:
The finished project. The lights pulsate continuously whenever the brake light is activated:

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