Brief description of the installation of a GIVI A750 windscreen on a 2000 Nighthawk 750

(provided by John Glickman)

PREFACE: I purchased it from AZMotorsports for $120.00. Ask for "Tony," as he took good care of me. A Black one was not in stock so I waited about three weeks for Givi to ship it direct. Worth the wait! A long commentary is not necessary, as pictures in the Givi instructions are pretty well self-explanatory (they have to be, they're in Italian!).
MOUNTING: It's made primarily for the SV650 and attaches directly to the headlight mounting bolts. The size of the SV650 headlight (7") has the same outside diameter as a Nighthawk, so the windscreen brackets lined up perfectly. However, the size of the headlight mounting bolts on the SV650 must be a tad smaller in diameter than the bolts on the Nighthawk. To correct the problem, I put the A750 mounting brackets in a vise, and using a Dremel tool with a grinding bit I widened the mounting slots about 1/32".

I then attached the modified brackets to the windscreen

and attached the whole affair to my headlight, vis-a-vis the original instructions.

The whole business took less than an hour, start to finish. By the way, nuts are metric but allen heads are SAE... go figure. One other tip: Before you begin the job, park your bike facing some wall (back of your garage, etc.) where you can see your headlight glow clearly defined. Mark it in some way with a piece of tape. In that way, when you finally mount the windscreen, you'll know exactly where to adjust the light before you tighten it all down.
CONCLUSION: I'm just about 6' tall, and with the windscreen mounted at it's highest, the wind hit my helmet just about at the center of my face shield (causing discomfort if I drove with the helmet shield up, and too much wind noise with the shield down). I adjusted the windscreen down, leaving my helmet in the undisturbed flow of air. The windscreen's not a Plexi-3, so you still get some wind on your body under the mirrors. But, it's a ton better than without it at highway speeds and gets a lot of attention at the local bike drive-in.

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