(provided by Chris Wright)

PREFACE: OK, you've saved up some money -- you've visited GIVI's web sit, you're almost convinced to buy a set of hard bags, but there's one thing holding you back. What will they look like on your Nighthawk 750? Will they stick out like "Dumbo Ears"? Will you get stuck between cars when splitting traffic? I can't answer those questions for you, but the pictures might.
MOUNTING: Here is Chris's Experience with GIVI:

Enclosed are pictures of the Givi bags as they are mounted on my Nighthawk 750. The set was purchased through Competition Accessories, as they cannot be purchased directly through Givi's US distributor in North Carolina.

Total cost was about $500.00, and included the following:

  1. 2--E360 Monokey Cases, 36 liters each
  2. N140 Wingrack for 3 bag setup with signals (bulbs not included)
  3. Type Specific Mount for CB750 Series

The quality of these bags and the mounting system is first rate! After I finally received all of the right parts, assembly onto the bike was very straightforward and required about two hours for the installation of the mounts and another twenty or so minutes to solder and shrink wrap the wiring for the turn signals. The installation instructions are non-existent, but large illustrations accompany the parts, making it easy to see how everything should fit together. When I purchased the set, I was given the option of the "B" Series Wingrack or the 'CN" Series Wingrack. I was also given the option of either the two or three bag setup. I chose the 'Y" Series Wingrack with the three-bag setup because of nasty rumors floating around suggesting that both the two-bag setup and the 'CE" Series mounts were prone to cracking. I have been very pleased with the service from Competition Accessories, but terribly disappointed with Givi. Competition Accessories originally sent me the wrong CB750 type specific mount--I found out because I couldn't figure out how the darn thing was supposed to go together. So Givi was kind enough to sent me the new part, eliminating the middleman, by charging my credit card and picking up the old part for free. Well, after two months of screaming at everyone who works for Givi, I finally got my money back: Not all of it, but most. They appear to have a slight problem with being responsible to their customers.

CONCLUSION: To end the story: Yes, I am extremely happy with the bags and would highly recommend them to anyone desiring well constructed, large, watertight bags that will last forever.

Submitted by: Chris Wright

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