Hondaline Backrest Mod -- by Dean U

This modification changes the Hondaline Rack/Backrest in order to allow for quick removal/installation. I've used my rack/backrest in this fashion for quite some time with no undesirable consequences; however, the standard disclaimer: the author takes no responsibility for any damage you may incur during or after making this modification.

After modification, removal is as easy as this: remove seat, loosen shock bolts slightly (I keep an extra wrench in the "glove box" for quick access when the seat is removed), lift front rack mounts off of shock bolts, pull rack forward and off of the bike, tighten shock bolts, replace seat.

What follows is a description (with photos) of the modification.

I would recommend that you first install the backrest/rack per Honda's instructions. This will familiarize you with the rack and also give you an idea of how it's supposed to look and mount. Next step would be to remove the seat, rear cowling, shock bolts, and rear mounting bolts.

To grind the slots in the rack, I used a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel, but you could use some other means such as hacksaw, narrow grinder, etc. On the front mounting slots you have to be careful to get the angle correct in order to allow installation without having to completely remove the shock bolts. You could print out the photos below to use as a template before cutting.

Slot cut into front mounting point:
Slot cut into rear mounting point:
Reinstall the rear mounting bolts from the inside-out, creating the "pegs" that the rear mounting slot will slide over:
Modified position of the bolt:
Modified position of the bolt:
Replace the rear cowling and replace the shock mounting bolts with the correct bushings. Do not completely tighten the shock bolts yet -- leave about 2 turns loose so the slot on the rack can slide between the bushing and the bolt head. Slide the rack into place so the rear slots go over the "pegs" (cowling removed for photo):
Lower the front slots onto the shock bolts and tighten:

Now you're ready to replace the seat and ride!

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