W elcome to Nighthawk750.com!

14 March 2018
Site is back AGAIN

After an extended absence (did anybody even notice?), the site is up and running again. I lost my job a while back, and that's where I used to host the site. Now I've got the site running on a sweet VM from Vultr. There may be a few broken links to work out, and maybe other bugs, so if you find something broken, let me know. I am going to remove the links to the old Forums - that company went bust, so they are going away.

So looks like we'll be here permanently, or at least as long as the credit card on file keeps paying the hosting bill. ;) Ride safe, and ride on.

Also, my IT Archive site is up again and hosted here as well.

18 Feb 2014
Site is back online

Well, the site was down for a while. Sorry. I've been running the site on an old Gateway 2000 full-size tower server that I've had since 1996, but needed the floor space for something else, so the old Gateway got unplugged last month and moved to a corner. My plan for the site was to move it to a new server, since the Gateway is so old and slow. It took a while to find the "roundtoit", but I finally found one and got going. I've copied the files from the old server to this new server, and have started converting from Kel's old SHTML to simple HTML. So far things look OK, but if you click a link and get a page of HTML gobbledygook instead of nice pretty text, let me know which page so I can fix it.

20 Aug 2010
A note about the FORUMS:

The company that hosts the forums (freeforums.org) sends out a lot of emails that LOOK like they came from me to invite people to come back to the forums, read messages in the forums, etc. The emails show my email address, and may even have my "Ride Safe" signature line at the bottom. So if you are getting annoyed at the emails, please know that it's not really me sending them, it's the software running the forums. And wouldn't you know, I've forgotten my administrator password, and can't go in to see if I can turn them off. heh. <sigh> Middle-age is not turning out to be much fun...

8 May 2008
Tach Repair Update

I'll be updating the Tach Repair howto in the next week or two. I've got new pics (or will have, once I get the film developed) that are hopefully much better than the ones I took with my cell phone. And I think I'm going to re-write it completely to take out the "how I did it wrong" part and make it more straight-forward and less confusing.

My thanks to Carl Roeser for sending me a victim tach to tear apart and take pictures of.

4 March 2008
Bike Lift

I built an fairly cheap lift frame for my bikes. I need a new front tire installed, and the local dealer charges $45 to mount the tire if I bring the entire bike in, but only $20 if I just bring the new tire and wheel. So off to Lowe's I went to figure out how to lift my front end. Check out the "Build A Lift" page in the "Maintenance" section.
15 Sept 2007
Tach Repair POSTED

The tach repair story is now in the Maintenance section. Check it out and let me know what you think. It's still sort of rough - the pics are horrible and the layout isn't very consistent, but at least it's there.

13 Sept 2007
Tach Repair

Well, the tach on my baby died this past weekend. Considering the bike is 14 years old and has 46,000 miles on it, I guess it did OK compared to the ones I've heard about that failed at 10,000 miles or sooner. Money is a bit tight lately, so a new tach from Honda is totally out of the question. And from what I've heard, NH tach's don't usually last long on eBay, and the few times I've looked in the past, usually wind up over $100.

So being the brave, foolish guy I am, I decided to tackle the tach repair as described in the page at Roger Pariseau's NH Tach Repair Page. Also, I saw a few weeks ago where one of the guys on the CB_750 list at Yahoo had talked a bit about when he repaired the one for Jay in Florida. So I figured, what the hell, it's already broken anyway, I can't break it much worse.

I took it apart, and the problem was the solder joint on the front-most spring, just like Roger's write-up promised it would be. But I wasn't content to just take it apart like he had. No, that would be too easy. I took the ENTIRE movement apart (is that a D'Arsonval movement?) and soldered the spring back that way. Amazingly enough, it worked when I hooked it back to the bike. But, as with all that I do, it was a little off. For some reason, it's only showing my idle at ~100 RPM. And what sounds like 4000 RPM is only registering 2000 rpm by the needle. I think I may have not gotten the needle positioned properly when I put it back on. I'm hoping it's easy to adjust to where it's more or less accurate again.

Anyway, I'll be doing an "official" write-up and posting it in the Maintenance section. I took pics with my cellphone camera, but they may be really fuzzy, and not a lot of use.

And honestly, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I took it apart the "hard" way, but used the lessons I learned when putting it back together.

Oh, and by the way, I'm soon gonna nix the forums altogether. Way too many russians requesting logins. I'll just redirect to the CB-750 group on Yahoo, I guess, unless one of you knows of a good, reliable forum on one of the other nighthawk sites.

Ride Safe!
13 April 2007
Happy Friday the 13th!
Thanks to Bob Cheek for the writeup on installing the DynoJet upgrade kit. You can find it on the "Modifications" list from the menu on the left. Or you can get to it from here.